TENA Men Einlagen Inkontinenz Level 1, 12 St


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TENA Men insoles incontinence level 1, 12 pieces  

Product description  

  • Specially tailored to the male anatomy
  • Safe absorption zone
  • Protection against leaks, moisture & odors
  • 3.5mm thin
  • Discreet & comfortable to wear


The TENA Men Level 1 protectors for bladder weakness have a highly absorbent core with a safe absorption zone and triple protection against leaks, moisture and odors in the event of slight urine loss and dribbling.

The sanitary pads are absolutely discreet, only 3.5 mm thick and have a comfortable shell shape that is specially adapted to the man’s anatomy. For added convenience and discretion, the insoles are individually wrapped. With the adhesive strip you can easily fix the insert in your underpants  and you won’t feel that you are wearing a protector.

TENA Men Einlagen Inkontinenz Level 1, 12 St


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