altapharma Fingerpflaster aqua


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altapharma finger plasters aqua   

Product Description and Details   

Altapharma finger plasters aqua are particularly suitable for covering skin injuries on fingers, fingertips and finger joints. They are breathable, dirt-Repellent and waterproof and protect the wound from water when washing, bathing and showering.

Thanks to the special, thin material, the patches adhere perfectly to the skin, they are thin, flexible and stick reliably and hard-wearing because of The special fabric. The patches are skin-friendly and dermatologically approved. latex free.

Waterproof and air permeable

Optimal adhesion, thin and flexible.

Special fits for fingers, fingertips and finger joints

4 fingertip bandages of 4.5 cm × 6.3 cm
4 finger joint bandages of 3.8 cm × 7.2 cm
4 finger bandages of 12.0 cm × 2.0 cm
4 fingertip bandages of 5.7 cm × 3.0 cm

Application and use

Thoroughly clean and dry the area to be treated. Take the patch out of the packaging and remove the protective foil. Apply patch and press for a Few seconds to ensure Proper adhesion. Replace patches every day. Change plaster at least once a day.

altapharma Fingerpflaster aqua



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