altapharma Fenchelhonig N 350g


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altapharma Fennel Honey N: Your Natural Solution for Cold Relief

Gentle Relief for All Ages:

Discover the soothing properties of altapharma Fennel Honey N, a trusted cough syrup designed to combat cold and cough symptoms. With its natural formulation, this remedy is suitable for individuals of all ages, providing a safe and effective solution for the entire family. Specifically crafted for children aged 1 year and older, it offers comfort during colds in the respiratory tract, especially when dealing with troublesome viscous mucus.

Potent Formulation with Bitter Fennel Oil:

Experience the power of bitter fennel oil, extracted from the fruit of the fennel plant (Foeniculum vulgare MILL.), a key component in altapharma Fenchelhonig N. This formulation serves as an effective expectorant, harnessing the tried-and-tested natural properties of fennel to deliver reliable relief from cold symptoms.

Tailored for Children’s Needs:

Altapharma Fenchelhonig N is a preferred choice for children facing upper respiratory tract issues, addressing the formation of viscous mucus with finesse. The cough syrup can be easily administered in water or consumed pure, boasting a pleasant taste that makes it more palatable for younger users.

Mild yet Effective Approach:

Appreciated for its mild yet potent approach to overcoming colds, altapharma Fennel Honey N stands as a trusted solution for individuals seeking a natural and soothing remedy. Ease your symptoms and embrace the gentle relief that users highly value.

Choose altapharma Fennel Honey N for a holistic and comforting approach to cold relief, backed by its natural ingredients and tailored suitability for all members of the family. Experience the gentle effectiveness that has made it a favored choice among users seeking a reliable remedy for respiratory discomfort.


altapharma Fenchelhonig N 350g


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