BitterLiebe Leber Komplex Spray 50 ml


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BitterLiebe Liver Complex Spray 50 ml

  • For natural support of liver function
    Practical spray as an ideal companion for on the go
    With bitter substances and choline


BitterLiebe’s liver spray contains a unique formula of milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke and choline, which can support the liver.

The spray is also ideal after taking antibiotics and for on the go.

Usage instructions

We recommend dissolving 5 sprays (1.8ml) on your tongue four times a day.

Toss before use.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Just as you could get used to sweet, sour, salty, spicy and umami, you can also get used to bitter.


Exact product name: Dietary supplement extract from dried plants (water, apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin, dandelion root, milk thistle fruits, curcuma, artichoke herb, gentian root, acidulant: L-(+)-lactic acid), choline dihydrogen citrate.

Storage instructions

Please store the product in a dry place, protected from light and heat.

BitterLiebe Leber Komplex Spray 50 ml


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