Diclo ratiopharm Schmerzgel 150 g


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Diclo ratiopharm pain gel 150 g

For back, muscle and joint pain, stop the pain

With the proven active ingredient diclofenac

Stops pain and fights inflammation

Cope with everyday life despite back and joint pain

When we twist our ankles awkwardly or our backs and joints hurt, we want quick pain relief.

Even one wrong movement is enough to trigger back, muscle and joint pain – no matter what age.

In the case of acute symptoms, treatment should not be delayed.

Otherwise, chronic pain can develop.

Diclo-ratiopharm® pain gel is suitable for relieving the pain directly at the site of the injury.

It is used specifically where pain and inflammation arise.

Thanks to the skin-like liposomes, the active ingredient is transported through the skin particularly well.

In addition, liposomes are characterized by good skin compatibility and do not irritate it additionally.

Diclo-ratiopharm® Pain Relief Gel is perfume-free and is therefore also suitable for those who are allergic to fragrances and people with sensitive skin.

What is effective for pain and inflammation?

If pain or inflammation occurs, this can be alleviated by the active ingredient diclofenac.

Diclofenac reduces the formation of messenger substances that are responsible for the pain and inflammatory response.

The active ingredient has a special affinity for inflamed tissue.

If you apply a pain gel containing diclofenac directly to the affected part of the body, the active ingredient remains at the site of the injury and unfolds its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect there.

Diclo-ratiopharm® pain gel can not only be used to treat sprains, bruises and strains.

Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of Diclofenac, the pain gel is also suitable for tendonitis or other recurring inflammatory muscle or joint diseases.

Instructions for use

You can apply the pain gel three times a day to the painful part of the body and massage it in.

After use, it leaves hardly any residue and has a pleasant cooling effect.

Diclo ratiopharm Schmerzgel 150 g


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