Mivolis FFP2 Atemschutzmaske Einweg 2 St


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Mivolis FFP2 respirator, disposable 2 pc.

  • External and internal protection from particles
    Skin-friendly material – soft and comfortable
    Individually adjustable nose clip
    Product and filter material made in Germany

The Mivolis FFP2 respirator is suitable for protection against all types of particles (such as microorganisms, dust, smoke, haze) and is made of skin-friendly, soft material. With individually adjustable nose clip for all face shapes and sizes. Complies with EN 149: 2001+ A1: 2009; Regulation (EU) 2016/425 for personal protective equipment.

Storage instructions

Storage: Store at room temperature with a relative humidity of max. 80%. Protect from fire, rain, acids, alkalis and direct sunlight.

Instructions for use

Replace the mask as soon as you have the feeling that the breathing resistance has increased or the mask has been contaminated, for example by blood or sweat. For single use only.
Notes: Not suitable for protection against harmful gases or steam, oxygen-free environments, activities under water, rescue, fire-fighting and workplaces with open flames (e.g. welding or casting work). The filter element cannot be replaced.
Application: Before using the device for the first time, check how it is carried and the air permeability. Do not use the mask if it is damaged or contaminated.

1. Hold the mask in one hand by grasping the nosepiece with your fingertips.

2. Position the mask on your face with the nosepiece on the bridge of your nose.

3. Pull the band over your ears and adjust accordingly.

4. Shape the nasal clip to the shape of your nose with both hands and check the fit. Hold both hands in front of the mask and exhale forcefully. If there is air around your nose, push the nosepiece tighter.

5. To remove the masks, hold them by the nosepiece with your fingertips and carefully peel the straps from your ears.

Mandatory information

Exact product name:
Particle filtering half mask FFP2 NR, Osvirol 8000.

Mivolis FFP2 Atemschutzmaske Einweg 2 St



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