Mivolis Erkältungskapseln Eukalyptusöl 200mg 60St


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Mivolis cold capsules eucalyptus oil 200mg, 60 pieces

Supports the clearing of the respiratory tract expectorant

relieves the symptoms of a cold

Cold symptoms such as stuck mucus or a blocked nose can severely disturb our well-being and significantly limit our performance and concentration.

cold capsules eucalyptus oil 200 mg improve the symptoms of colds with viscous mucus.

Thanks to its natural healing power, the essential eucalyptus oil supports the liberation of the respiratory tract, has an expectorant effect and thus unfolds its beneficial effect.

Mivolis cold capsules eucalyptus oil 200 mg support the natural healing process in colds of the respiratory tract with viscous mucus.

Usage Notes

Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, the usual dose for adults and adolescents over 12 years of age is: 1 soft capsule 3 times a day.

The capsules should be taken whole with sufficient liquid, preferably a glass of water, if possible 1/2 hour before eating.

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Mivolis Erkältungskapseln Eukalyptusöl 200gm,60 St


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