Mivolis Kirschkern-Kissen 1 St


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Mivolis cherry pit pillow, 1 piece

The ecological alternative to the hot-water bottle

For soothing heat applications

Size approximately 22cm x 25cm

The product corresponds to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, product class

In cooperation with German workshops for people with disabilities

 Cherry stone pillow is manufactured in Germany with the greatest care.

The product has been tested for harmful substances and corresponds to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, product class 1.

Usage instructions

Cherry stone pillows are a traditional home remedy for soothing heat applications, as cherry stones can absorb heat very well and release it again in doses.

The pillow can be easily heated in the microwave or oven.

Intended purpose and intended use:

The cherry stone pillow can be used for short-term heat applications to increase well-being and specifically to relieve physical complaints as part of heat therapy.

The product is intended for private household use only and can be used on babies, children and adults.

The cherry stone pillow is intended as a warming pad exclusively for the following use:

• Abdominal pain/cramps

• Intestinal sluggishness and flatulence

• Colds

• Muscle pain/hardening

• Muscle/neck tension

• Menstrual cramps • General warming of cold parts of the body

There are ways to warm the cherry stone pillow the following options:

• Heat in a non-preheated oven at max. 110 °C for max. 5 minutes.

• Heat in the microwave at max. 300 watts for max. 2 minutes.

(Observe the microwave manufacturer’s instructions!)

• Place on a lukewarm radiator or tiled stove for a longer period of time.

Immediately after heating, distribute the heat evenly throughout the pillow by shaking!

During the first few warm-ups, a slight moisture build-up may occur on the surface, but this disappears with repeated applications.

Storage instructions

Care instructions: Cherry stone pillows should not be washed to prevent rot/mildew.

Store product in a dry place! Protect from moisture! Shelf Life/Disposal:

The product should be replaced after 4 years under normal use.

The pillow can be disposed of with household waste.

Mivolis Kirschkern-Kissen, 1 St


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