Mivolis Nasenstrips 12 St.


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Mivolis nose strips 12 pieces:-

when snoring

with a blocked nose

during sports

for easier breathing If nasal breathing is impaired, this can lead to disturbances in well-being and quality of life.

Mivolis nasal strips make it easier to breathe through the nose by gently opening the nasal passages with a gentle pull on the nostrils, thus improving the air supply.

They therefore act purely mechanically without the use of medication.

Mivolis nose strips are comfortable to wear, are skin-colored, easy to remove and come in one size.

Adhesive: acrylate-based, latex-free.

Mivolis nasal strips help to: reduce snoring; nasal breathing and relief from nasal congestion (e.g. allergies or colds); Improving athletic performance by increasing nasal airflow and oxygenation during exercise.


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