Mivolis Nasenstrips 12 St.


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Mivolis nose strips 12 pieces

  • When snoring
  • With a blocked nose
  • During sports
  • For easier breathing If nasal breathing is impaired, this can lead to disturbances in well-being and quality of life.

Mivolis nasal strips make it easier to breathe through the nose by gently opening the nasal passages with a gentle pull on the nostrils, thus improving the air supply.

They therefore act purely mechanically without the use of medication.

Mivolis nose strips are comfortable to wear, are skin-colored, easy to remove and come in one size.

Adhesive: acrylate-based, latex-free.

Mivolis nasal strips help to: reduce snoring; nasal breathing and relief from nasal congestion (e.g. allergies or colds); Improving athletic performance by increasing nasal airflow and oxygenation during exercise.


Caution: For external use on the nose only.

Do not use on irritated, sun-damaged skin or sore skin.

Leave on the skin for a maximum of 1-2 hours per day.

If a rash or skin irritation occurs, stop use immediately.

Not intended for use in children under 5 years.

Please read the full instructions for use before use.

Mandatory information

Exact product name: Medical device to facilitate nasal breathing.

Usage instructions

Wash and dry your nose.

Makeup and moisturizers can reduce adhesion.

If possible, avoid touching the adhesive surfaces of the strip. Hold the strip on the protective film as shown.

Hold the strip on the protective film and position it in the middle of the bridge of your nose.

Press down and hold for a moment to ensure optimal adhesion.

Brush outward on both sides of the strip to ensure complete adhesion.

Press for 30 seconds.

Mivolis Nasenstrips 12 St.


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