Profissimo Duftstäbchen Raumduft Pure Frische 90 ml


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Profissimo fragrance sticks room fragrance Pure Freshness 90 ml  

Product description 

  • Decorative room fragrance
  • With rattan sticks
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors


The Pure Fresh room scent from Profissimo creates a feel-good atmosphere and a pleasant room scent. The rattan sticks fill the room with their Pleasant scents and neutralize kitchen, bathroom, tobacco and animal odors. For pleasant moments in your own home.


It should be avoided that the fragrance oil comes into contact with textiles, upholstery, varnished, polished or painted surfaces and plastics. These Can be damaged and/or their function impaired upon contact with the fragrance oil.

In case of contact with surfaces, immediately wipe completely with a damp cloth. People who are sensitive to fragrances should use this product With caution. Room fragrances are not a substitute for good household hygiene. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

Usage instructions

1. Unscrew the decorative cap 2. Press the white sealing disk out from above through the opening 3. Screw the decorative cap back onto the bottle Completely 4. Place the desired number of sticks through the decorative cap into the bottle 5. Place the bottle firmly on a horizontal, stable surface. So that the contents cannot be spilled.

The sticks distribute the scent evenly. You can determine the intensity of the scent yourself: the more sticks you use, the more intense the scent Experience will be.

Due to a higher water content, it may take a little longer until the fragrance formula is completely drawn up the sticks. A slight bend in the sticks is Normal and has no influence on the fragrance development.

Profissimo Duftstäbchen Raumduft Pure Frische 90 ml


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