SOS Nagelpilz Entferner Stift 3 ml


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SOS nail fungus remover pen 3 ml Medizinprodukt

  • For 220 uses
    Efficacy clinically proven
    Prevents new and further infections
    Also suitable for children from 8 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women


The SOS nail fungus pen contains a clinically effective formula for treating nail fungus on fingernails and toenails, discolored nails or for nail care. The active ingredient in the SOS nail fungus pen is absorbed by the nail within 60 seconds and works by eliminating the fungus’s ability to survive. This fights nail fungus, stops the infection from spreading and protects against reinfection.

Instructions for use

Remove the cap from the SOS nail fungus pen. Apply the active ingredient gently to the affected nails with the tip. If possible, cover the entire nail surface, but not the surrounding healthy skin. Allow the solution to fully soak into the nail (1 minute). Repeat this process twice a day, i.e. H. morning and afternoon. After 3 to 4 weeks, use can be reduced to once a day until a new healthy nail has grown. Apply once a week for prevention. Always remove nail polish before use. After the treatment it can be applied again.

SOS Nagelpilz Entferner Stift 3 ml


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