tetesept Kinder Badezusatz Sprudelbad Regenbogenland 40 g


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tetesept children’s bath additive bubble bath rainbow country 40 g

Foamy, bubbling bathing fun

With a fruity scent and a skin-healthy formula

Harmless food coloring turns the water pink

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

Free from silicones, paraffins, mineral oils, microplastics

(recipe without microplastics & water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers)

The tetesept rainbow land bubble bath contains an extra-gentle formula with

skin-caring cocoa butter that is tailored to children’s sensitive skin.

Harmless food coloring turns the water pink, the fruity scent and the colorful rainbow foam invite you to play.

Product Type: Bath

Additive Age recommendation: from 3 years

Product features: Without paraffins / mineral oils, vegan

Instructions for use

Fill the bathtub with enough warm water.

Shake the sachet before cutting open to mix the rainbow salt.

Then hold the sachet horizontally and use the scissors

to cut open the marked corner at the bottom right and the tip along the cut edge.

It is best to close the cut corner at the bottom right with your finger so that the salt does not escape.

Then hold the sachet vertically halfway into the bath water, making sure that the two cut edges are now properly open.

Now the colorful bubble foam comes out of the unicorn’s horn.

For a nice rainbow effect, move the sachet through the water so that the foam can draw colorful streaks.

Bathe at 35 to 38°C for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your preference.

After bathing, rinse the bathtub with hot water to remove product residue.

Notes: Do not use undiluted bath product.

Not suitable for consuming.

Avoid direct contact of the bath additive with sensitive surfaces and objects


tetesept Kinder Badezusatz Sprudelbad Regenbogenland 40 g


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