Naturbell Propolis Hals- und Husten-Bonbon Kids. 45 g


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Product features: Lactose-free, vegetarian

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Naturbell throat and cough drops Propolis Kids 30pcs. 45g

  • Propolis is the protective resin of bees
  • Sugar free
  • Suitable for children over 4 years old


The Naturbell Propolis throat & cough drops kids with a delicious honey-orange flavor support the immune system with vitamin C.

They contain 20 mg propolis powder per candy.

They are sugar-free and contain only natural flavors of honey and orange.

Propolis is the valuable protective resin of honey bees.

It consists of over 150 different natural substances, which in their unique composition protect the beehive from external influences.

Propolis has also been valued by humans for centuries.

Instructions for use

People with allergies to bee (products) or bee stings should not take the product.

Nutritional values


Naturbell Propolis Hals- und Husten-Bonbon Kids, 45 g



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