Oral-B Zahnpasta Professional Sensitivität und Zahnfleischbalsam 75 ml


  • USD: 7.62$


Oral-B Toothpaste Pro-Science Advanced Sensitivity and Gum Balm

  • Mild toothpaste
    Soothes the gums
    Provides a pleasant feeling of well-being thanks to the gentle foam
    Immediately relieves the sensitivity to pain through the formation of a protective layer

The Oral-B Professional Sensitivity & Gum Balm Gentle Cleaning Toothpaste has clinically proven to immediately relieve pain sensitivity and soothe the gums for a pleasant mouthfeel.

The unique AktivBalsam technology forms a protective layer, cools the gums during and after brushing your teeth and ensures a pleasant mouthfeel thanks to the gentle foam.

Scope of application:For pain sensitivity, gum problems, tooth enamel protection
Product features:Suitable for pregnant / breastfeeding women, with fluoride


Warning notices


For adults only.

In the unlikely event that a potentially serious problem occurs after using the product, contact your dentist or doctor and notify the manufacturer or the relevant authorities.

For immediate help with sensitive teeth, brush each sensitive tooth individually

for 30 seconds and then continue brushing as usual.


Ingredients without microplastics.Oral-B Zahnpasta Pro-Science Advanced Sensitivität und Zahnfleisch Balsam


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