Schaebens Melatonin Sofort-Spray 30 ml


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Schaebens Melatonin Instant Spray 30 ml


  • Sleep formula for day and night
  • Fast recording
  • Simple application
  • Mint Flavor


The Schaebens Melatonin Instant Spray is vegan and sugar-free.

The special sleep formula contains: 0.5 mg melatonin + essential oils.

It is absorbed directly and quickly through the oral mucosa.

Product Features: Vegan

Instructions for use

Recommended dosage: Spray 1 spray (=1 application) per day directly into the mouth before going to sleep.

For jetlag: The positive effect is felt when on the first day of travel just before going to bed and on the

At least 0.5 mg of melatonin should be ingested in the first few days after arrival at the destination.


Schaebens Melatonin Sofort-Spray 30 ml



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