Zirkulin Indische Flohsamen 300 g


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Zirkulin Indian psyllium 300 g

Suitable for long-term use

Supportive therapy for diarrhea Further transport is made easier

Defecation is noticeably easier Circulin Indian psyllium is ideal for treating constipation and loose stools.

They are suitable for long-term use.

Further transport and defecation are made noticeably easier.

Usage Notes

When taking Zirkulin Indian psyllium, the absorption of medication taken at the same time can be delayed.

Circulin Indian psyllium can delay the absorption of carbohydrates and thus lower blood sugar.

Insulin-dependent diabetics may therefore need to adjust the insulin dose; please consult your doctor.

Zirkulin Indische Flohsamen, 300 g


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