Hama Multifunktions-Parkscheibe | parking disc


  • USD: 5.42$




Hama multifunctional parking disc 

  • With ice scraper, puller, shopping chip and tire tread knife
  • With robust ice scraper and plastic lip for removing discs
  • Technical details: Width x length: 12 x 15.5 cm Depth: 0.8 cm
  • Color: blue/white


This parking disc is a useful aid not only for displaying the parking time.

It also has an ice scraper and a scraper lip attached to the edges.

This creates better order in the vehicle because many parts are contained in one gadget.

To further expand the range of uses, there is a shopping cart chip and a tire tread knife on the back.

The dimensions of the parking disc comply with the StVO, so it can be used to display the parking duration without any concerns.

It is made of robust plastic for a long service life.

Hama Multifunktions-Parkscheibe | parking disc


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