Starbucks von Nespresso® 10 Kapseln


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Lungo House Blend

Starbucks from Nespresso® 10 capsules

Product specifications
Number of capsules 10
Number of cups 10
Starbucks brand
Nespresso capsule system
Taste Caramel, Medium Roasted Beans, Nuts, Candy
Property aluminum
Cup size Lungo
Strong (8/10)


We can all thank Starbucks for the modern “to-go” coffee as we know it. Since opening its first store in the 1970s, Starbucks has made it possible for modern coffee drinkers to get high quality coffee experiences in everyday life and on the go.

This variant is called House Blend and is the first coffee that Starbucks created and has been with since then. The coffee comes from South and Central America and consists of medium-roasted 100% Arabica beans. The fine roasting of the beans results in a mild caramelized taste with notes of nuts.

This Starbucks coffee for Nespresso is recommended as a lungo.




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