ebelin Mini-Pinzetten-Set 3 St


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ebelin mini tweezers set 3 pcs

  • Handy tweezers
    With three different tips
    Height: 5cm
    Perfect for on the go


The ebelin mini tweezers set of 3 with different tips is the ideal helper for reliably removing unwanted hairs.

The set includes three small tweezers with different tips.

The slanted tip allows you to grab and remove multiple hairs at the same time.

The straight tip can capture even short hair, while the pointed tip can be used to precisely grip and pluck fine and stubbly hair.

Thanks to their practical size, the beauty aids are also ideal for on the go.

Usage instructions

Place the tweezers flat and grab the hairs as close to the hair root as possible.

Only work in the direction of growth.

To pluck short hairs, apply light pressure to the front tip.

For longer hairs, apply gentle pressure to the back of the tweezers.

ebelin Mini-Pinzetten-Set 3 St


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