Kneipp Badesalz Erkältungszeit Nacht 60 g


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Kneipp bath salt cold season night 60 g

Thyme, Spruce, Lavender

With a high proportion of deep salt

Vegan (no animal ingredients have been added to this product)

Without paraffin, silicone and mineral oils

Compatibility dermatologically confirmed

The Kneipp bath salt cold night has a nurturing and beneficial effect, especially on evenings in the cold season.

The scent with the power of essential oils from thyme, spruce and lavender has a relaxing effect in combination with the soothing blue of the bath water and the soothing effect of warm water and prepares you for falling asleep during the cold season.

The body is pleasantly warmed and your well-being is improved, while the bath with naturally nourishing oil preserves the skin’s moisture.

Instructions for use

Add the bath crystals to the running bath water (36-38 °C) and dissolve them completely.

Optimal bathing time: 15-20 minutes.

Sufficient for 1 full bath


Kneipp Badesalz Erkältungszeit Nacht 60 g


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