EMCUR Insektenstichgel Soforthilfe 20 ml


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EMCUR Insect Sting Gel Immediate Aid 20 ml

  • Cortisone-free help for insect bites
  • For all skin types and all ages


Dermatologically tested formula, without synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives

Free from mineral oil, paraffin and silicone and manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality and safety standards


The Emcur insect bite gel is used for immediate care and regeneration of the skin after an insect bite.

The unique formula has a three-fold nurturing and regenerating effect: the osmotic effect of the salt from Bad Ems draws insecticide out of the sting canal, reducing swelling.

Ethanol provides a cooling and antiseptic effect.

Plantain extract helps relieve itching.

Product Features: Vegan

instructions for use

Immediately after noticing an insect bite, generously apply EMCUR® insect bite gel to the affected area of skin Instruct.

If possible, do not rub or only rub very lightly.

The gel works better the thicker it is applied.

EMCUR Insektenstichgel Soforthilfe 20 ml


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