Emsan Nasenspülsalz 40×2,5g Beutel 40 St


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Emsan nasal rinsing salt 40×2.5g bag 40 sts

40x mineral salt mixture

Applicable noses in chronically or acute clogged noses

Nasal rinsing also applicable for a long time

Clean the nose

Stimulates natural cleaning process Ctry, pollen allergy or dust pollution – sometimes a free breath is only possible.

With the nasal douche and the nose rinsing salt, Emsan offers a practical remedy for clogged noses.

The nasal douche and the nose rinsing salt can be used in acute and chronic diseases.

The duo is specially tailored to the needs of the nasal mucosa and can keep it moist.

In addition, thanks to its gentle composition, the mineral salt mixture can also be used over a longer period of time.  

Suitable for pregnant women / breastfeeding, vegetarian

Usage information

For the thorough and regular rinsing of the main nose cavity and thus for intensive moisture, cleaning and support

The function of the nasal mucosa

• With a frequently occurring runny nose

• To prevent colds • With dry nose and solid barks

• In the case of heavy dust and dirt pollution

• With pollen allergy

• In the case of chronic inflammation of the nose and the sinuses

Emsan Nasenspülsalz 40x2,5g Beutel 40 St


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