Mivolis Erkältungsbad, Arzneibad Eucalyptus, 250 ml


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Mivolis cold bath, medicinal bath Eucalyptus, 250 ml:-

relieves cold symptoms clears the airways facilitates coughing with natural essential eucalyptus oil

Highly concentrated medicinal bath

Medicinal bath Eucalyptus is a medicinal bath additive with a natural active ingredient to support the treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (catarrh).

Catarrhs ​​of the airways are often the first sign of a common cold or a bad cold.

The essential oils of the eucalyptus leaves unfold their beneficial effect in body-warm water, the symptoms of cold symptoms are noticeably alleviated.

When inhaling the essential oils, they have an expectorant effect on the diseased respiratory tract, making it easier to breathe and cough up.

There is a noticeable relaxation in the respiratory tract irritated by coughing and hoarseness.


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