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altapharma hydrogel plaster

altapharma Hydrogel plasters consist of 60% water and therefore create a moist wound environment that accelerates the healing process.

The plaster is particularly suitable for minor burns and chronic or slow-healing wounds.

Due to the slightly cooling effect of the gel, it has a pain-relieving effect and cushions the wound.

altapharma Hydrogel plasters do not stick to the wound and prevent scarring.

They protect against bacteria and dirt.

They are waterproof and breathable.

contains: 6 plasters 28 × 68 mm, 4 plasters 43 × 68 mm
promotes rapid wound healing
prevents scarring
for one-time use

Application and use

Carefully clean and dry the area to be treated.

Remove the patch from the packaging and remove the plastic protective film.

Apply the patch and press for a few seconds to ensure proper adhesion.

Remove the backing paper from the center.

For optimal results, leave the patch on the wound for two days or longer.

Storage and Use

Store at room temperature protected from light and moisture.


Hydrogel patches should not be used in patients with a known hypersensitivity to propylene glycol.

In case of redness or allergy, please consult a doctor.

Hydrogel patches should not be used on infected wounds or third-degree burns.

Hydrogel patches should not be used on heavily secreting wounds.

altapharma Hydrogel Pflaster


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