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altapharma cold/warm compress 

Product Description and Details 

Altapharma cold/warm compress in the format 12 × 29 cm offers quick relief for bruises, swelling and other complaints. It is very well suited for Both warm application (microwave or water bath) and cold application. The enclosed protective cover protects your skin from the cold or heat and Is soft and supple. The elastic fastening strap allows you to attach the protective cover to the body easily and conveniently.
For bruises, swellings and other complaints

Microwaveable and reusable

With soft protective cover


Application areas:

Cold compress:

Bruises, swellings, sprains, headaches, toothaches, nosebleeds, insect bites, inflammation, minor burns, tennis elbow or fever (application like calf Wraps).

Heat compress:

Sore muscles, tension, back pain, lumbago, colds, menstrual cramps.

Application and use

Cold application:
Chill the compress in the fridge or freezer (up to 18°C) for about 2 hours before use. After use, the compress can be stored in the freezer and is Therefore always ready for use when needed. Warm application: Place the compress in hot water (up to 80°C) for about 6 minutes or heat in the Microwave (60 seconds at 600 watts). Constantly watch the compress as it warms up.

After each warm-up, knead the compress well to distribute the heat evenly. If necessary, the warm-up time can be extended in 10-second intervals. Overheating can destroy the compress. Do not use with: arterial circulation problems and hypersensitivity to cold (Raynaud’s syndrome).

Use in acute heart and circulatory diseases only after consultation with your doctor.

Use, storage and use

Conditions of storage and use Before placing the compress on the skin, place it in the protective cover provided or wrap it in a cloth. The gel is Easily biodegradable and non-toxic. For external use only. Damaged compresses should no longer be used. They can be disposed of with Household waste.

altapharma Kalt-/Warm- Kompresse


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