altapharma medizinischer Mund-Nasen-Schutz 25er


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altapharma medical mouth and nose protection 25 pieces  

Product description and details  

The medical face mask is a medical device that covers the mouth and nose and provides a barrier to minimize the transmission of infectious germs Between individuals. Carefully place the face mask over your mouth and nose and fasten it behind your ears using ear bands.

Finally, adjust the integrated nose clip to the face. These medical face masks are single-use medical devices. If it is reused contrary to the Instructions, the intended purpose of the medical face mask is no longer guaranteed.

After the expiry date, the face masks may no longer be used.

Prevents the transmission of pathogens by the wearer

optimal hold thanks to flexible elastic bands and integrated nose clip

Free of latex and fiberglass

Components of the face mask, 3 layers:

Outer layer: fleece; Width 175 – 180 mm

Filter layer: BFE 95 – 99%

Inner layer: fleece; Width 195 – 210 mm

Nose clip: one-sided plastic with wire core

Ear bands: diameter 3 mm. 

Use, storage and use

Conditions of storage and use Store the face masks in the original packaging. Keep the packaging closed and store in a dry place, protected from Direct sunlight. Dispose of used masks in the residual waste.

Warnings and important information


Since used masks are considered highly contaminated, it is essential that the user does not touch the mask with their fingers or hands. After Removing the mask, disinfect your hands (complete hand disinfection). Wear the mask only over your nose and mouth. At no time should the mask Be worn around the user’s neck. A used mask when no longer needed should be discarded. If there is a further need for protection, a new Mask Should be put on.

altapharma medizinischer Mund-Nasen-Schutz 25er



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