altapharma Selbsthaftende Bandage


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altapharma self-adhesive bandage

Product Description and Details

The altapharma self-adhesive bandage provides light support for ligaments, muscles and joints and reduces the risk of injuries. It can be used to Fix compresses and as a light support bandage. Wearing the bandage limits the possibility of unwanted movements, which reduces the risk of Injury. Compresses, bandages or splints can be fixed with the bandage.

Due to its elasticity, it is particularly suitable for use on joints and round Body parts. The bandage is easy to put on and only sticks to itself, not to The skin or hair, and can be torn across. It is water-repellent and non-slip – Even under stress and sweating. It is skin-friendly and breathable.

Light support of ligaments, muscles and joints

Non-slip, elastic and water-repellent

Does not stick to skin or hair. 

Use, storage and use

Conditions of storage and use Keep cool and dry.


Composition: non-woven fabric, glue, elastane.

altapharma Selbsthaftende Bandage



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