altapharma Silikon Pflaster-Strips ultra-sensitiv


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altapharma silicone plaster strips ultra-sensitive

Product Description and Details

in 3 sizes:

– 2 plasters 20 x 57 mm

– 6 plasters 19 x 72 mm

– 4 plasters 25 x 72 mm

Skin friendly

Air permeable

Dermatologically tested

Painless removal. 

Application and use

Clean and dry the wound and surrounding area. Remove the protective paper, place the wound pad over the wound and press the plaster firmly. Check the wound regularly and change the plaster in good time.

The patch may remain in place for a few days. If skin irritation occurs, you must remove the patch and stop using it. See a doctor if recovery does Not occur or irritation persists. Not suitable for burns, heavily bleeding wounds and wounds with a lot of wound fluids.

Use, storage and use

Conditions of storage and use Keep cool and dry, protect from direct sunlight.

altapharma Silikon Pflaster-Strips ultra-sensitiv


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