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altapharma sports tape bandage  

Product Description and Details 

The altapharma sports tape bandage is ideal for preventing injuries and aids in recovery. It provides firm support for ligaments, muscles and joints. By using the tape bandage, the anatomical conditions of the human body are supported.

The tape stabilizes and limits unwanted movements.
The altapharma sports tape bandage adheres reliably to the skin. It is suitable for use during sports and other activities. The tape can be torn both Lengthwise and crosswise. It is water-repellent and particularly strong.

Firm support of ligaments, muscles and joints

Strong, inelastic and water-repellent

Dimensions (L/W): approx. 10 m / 3.75 cm. 

Application and use

1. Supports: The joint is protected from heavy loads. It stabilizes and limits unwanted movements.

2. Fixation of fingers: Provides protection against heavy loads.

Use, storage and use

Conditions of storage and use Keep cool and dry.

Warnings and Important Notes


Do not apply the tape too tightly so as not to restrict the blood supply. If you experience numbness or tingling, remove the tape immediately. Carefully remove the sports tape; Preferably do not pull the tape upwards, but slowly remove it in the direction of hair growth. Do not wear the Tape at night. If you have a serious sprain or injury, please consult your doctor. Use an undertape if you tape regularly or have sensitive skin. In Case of skin irritation, stop using the tape. Ask a doctor for advice if symptoms persist.

altapharma Sport-Tapeverband


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