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altapharma sterile compresses

Product Description and Details

Altapharma Sterile Compresses are recommended for the hygienic covering of larger wounds and abrasions. The compresses Are made of sterile Non-woven fabric and, thanks to the use of modern technology, are particularly absorbent and do not Stick to the wound.

To fix the sterile compress, we recommend the altapharma elastic gauze bandages and the altapharma adhesive plaster.

Application and use

Please clean the wound thoroughly. Remove a sterile compress from its individual pouch by touching the outer edge only to maintain sterility. Place the sterile Compress over the wound and secure with a bandage or adhesive tape. Change the compress at least once a day.

use, storage and use

Conditions of storage and use Keep cool, dry and protected from light.

Warnings and Important Notes


Product for single use.altapharma Sterile Kompressen


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