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altapharma heat plaster  

Product Description and Details

Altapharma heat plasters effectively relieve pain with their pleasant and well-tolerated heat and relax cramped and stressed muscles. Joint pain With stiffness can also be positively influenced by the soothing heat effect. The flexible altapharma heat patches are surrounded by soft, skin-Friendly material and contain a mixture of activated carbon and iron powder that heats up when it comes into contact with oxygen.

The plasters can be applied specifically to the painful areas and adhere well to the skin. After use, they can be easily removed and are particularly kind to the skin. for muscle and joint pain

Particularly soft & skin-friendly

Up to 8 hours of warmth

Size 13cm/9.5cm. 

Application and use

Application Notes: The skin at the application site must be dry and clean. Open the packet with your hand (do not cut into it) and remove the heat Patch. Peel the backing off the backing of the heat patch and apply the adhesive side of the heat patch to the skin over the painful area.

After Opening the sachet, the heat patch activates within 1 minute and warms up within 5 minutes. The heat patch is activated by the air – the Packet Should therefore not be opened until the heat patch is to be used. After use, slowly peel off the heat patch.

Warnings and Important Notes


If used incorrectly, heat patches can cause burns even at low temperatures. Follow the instructions and regularly monitor the area of ​​application. To avoid risk of burns, allow air to circulate over the heat patch and do not apply pressure, such as lying or sitting on the heat patch or wearing Close-fitting clothing over the heat patch.

If the heat patch becomes uncomfortably hot or a skin rash develops, stop using the patch immediately. Follow the full instructions and Contraindications in the instructions for use and regularly monitor the area of ​​application.

Use only once. Do not use the patch on any other part of the body except the back and shoulder area. This heat patch should only be used with Careful supervision by people who are unable to remove the patch themselves, such as the elderly or disabled. Before using the heat patch, please Read the full instructions for use printed on the packet.altapharma Wärmepflaster


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