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altapharma wound spray 

Product Description and Details

Minor injuries, burns, cuts and abrasions can happen quickly. To prevent infection with bacteria and germs, the wound should be treated Immediately and carefully. Optimal wound care includes cleaning and protecting the wound.

Sufficient moisture in the wound supports cell Division and cell renewal. The altapharma wound spray prevents infections and thus contributes to faster wound healing.

The altapharma wound Spray optimally cares for the wound and stimulates the body’s physiological wound healing process. It gently cleanses the wound and reduces Bleeding. The wound is optimally supplied with moisture and scarring is reduced.

The wound spray is alcohol-free, does not burn the skin and is Therefore also suitable for treating sensitive skin and for use in children. As an ideal supplement, we recommend our altapharma sterile Compresses and gauze bandages. prevents infection and scarring

Promotes wound healing

Without alcohol

Clinically tested. 

Application and use

Spray wound spray onto the wound immediately after the injury. Repeat several times if necessary. If possible, apply a bandage and keep it moist With the altapharma wound spray until the wound is closed. Make sure the bandage does not stick to the wound.

Use, storage and use

Conditions of storage and use Protect from frost and heat, protect from sunlight. Store dry.


Aqua purificata, Trace Elements (Zinc, Iron).

Warnings and Important Notes


For external use. Pay attention to hygienic removal. Do not use if packaging is damaged. Keep safe from children. Close spray after use. The expiry Date is printed on the underside of the folding box and the bottom of the bottle. Do not use this product after this date. The product should not be Used if you have a known allergy or suspected allergic reactions to one of the ingredients. A doctor should be consulted for burns of degree 2b And Above.altapharma Wundspray


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