Mivolis Hyaluron Nasenspray 20 ml


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Mivolis Hyaluron Nasal Spray 20 ml

For long-lasting moisturizing of the nasal mucosa

Without preservative substances

Hyaluron Nasal Spray is particularly suitable for moistening the nasal mucosa.

Hyaluronic acid adheres well to the mucous membrane and forms a long-lasting protective film.

In addition, it has a significantly higher water-binding capacity than sea salt.

Hyaluron Nasal Spray contains no preservatives and no propellant.

Dry room air, smoke, dust, wind, cold or as a result of a cold can cause the nasal mucosa to “dry out” and lose its natural moisture.

A “dry nose” is not only perceived as unpleasant, but also makes it easier for viruses and bacteria to settle in the mucous membrane.

As a result, infections can be triggered.

Mivolis Hyaluron Nasal Spray helps to moisten the nasal mucosa over the long term, thus facilitating unhindered nasal breathing and cleaning of the nose.

Mivolis Hyaluron Nasenspray 20 ml


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