Mivolis Sport-Tapeverband, 1 Rolle 10 m


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Mivolis sports tape bandage, 1 roll 10 m

To support muscles, ligaments and joints

Tensile and water-repellent

Adheres reliably to the skin or to the backing tape

Mivoli’s sports tape bandage consists of a high-quality, inelastic cotton fabric and thus offers firm support for muscles, ligaments and joints.

It stabilizes, restricts unwanted movements and reduces the risk of injury.

The sports bandage adheres reliably to the skin or to the backing tape.

Due to its jagged edge, the tape bandage can be torn with your fingers in both the transverse and longitudinal directions.

It is particularly strong.


Do not apply the tape bandage too tightly so as not to restrict the blood supply.

If you experience a numb or tingling sensation, remove or loosen the tape immediately.

Do not wear the tape while sleeping.

Remove the tape carefully to avoid skin damage.

If you have a serious sprain or strain, please consult your doctor.

If you are taping regularly or if you have sensitive skin, use a base tape first (e.g. Mivolis Self-Adhesive Bandage).

If skin irritation occurs, stop using the tape.

Ask your doctor for advice if symptoms persist.

Use the sports tape on intact skin.

Mandatory information

Exact product name: sports tape bandage

Usage instructions

Additional note: To make removing the tape more comfortable, the affected area can be freed from hair before applying the tape bandage.

Please keep in original packaging.

This contains important information.

Please note the enclosed instructions for use.

Storage instructions

Store dry, protected from the sun and between 0 and 40 degrees.


Adhesive: thermoplastic. Latex free.

Mivolis Sport-Tapeverband, 1 Rolle, 10 m


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