SilaVit Steriler Wundverband wasserdicht


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SilaVit Sterile wound dressing waterproof

SilaVit sterile wound dressing waterproof protects larger wounds when showering or bathing.

Package content: 5 pieces (8cm x 10cm)

Instructions for use

For use on a clean, dry and oil-free area of skin.

Remove the sterile wound dressing from the individual packaging.

Remove protective paper printed with 1 and 2.

Carefully press the sterile wound dressing onto the wound.

Pull off protective paper printed with 3 and press wound bandage on again.

The bandage should be changed daily.

Do not use on infected, profusely bleeding wounds or third degree burns.

Do not use if sensitive to polyacrylate.


SilaVit Steriler Wundverband wasserdicht


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