tetesept Laktase 13.000 (40 Stück) 13,6 g


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tetesept lactase 13,000 (40 pieces) 13.6 g

Works immediately 1 tablet breaks down approx. 35g lactose

Vegetarian Long-term depot – safe for 6 hours

The tetesept lactase 13,000 long-term depot for digesting milk sugar in lactose intolerance offers a high level of effectiveness thanks to its 6-hour long-term depot.

This is active immediately, but also for subsequent meals.

Usage Notes

Recommended dosage:

Take 1 tablet unchewed with a little liquid immediately before or during the consumption of foods containing lactose.

A maximum of 5 tablets daily.

Depending on the body’s lactase activity and the respective amount of lactose in food and drinks, the dosage must be adjusted individually and as required.

The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

tetesept Laktase 13.000 (40 Stück), 13,6 g


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