Paradies Hörgeräte-Batterie Typ 312 MP8, 8 St


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Paradise hearing aid battery type 312 MP8, 8 pcs

Reliably supply hearing aids with the necessary energy

Long durability

The Paradies zinc-air hearing aid batteries type 312 MP8 are the optimal power supply for analogue and digital hearing aids.

Zinc-air batteries are powered by oxygen from the air.

The inlet opening for the oxygen in the air is sealed with a flap, which ensures a long shelf life.

Only when the tab is pulled off can oxygen enter and the battery is “activated”.

For optimal oxygen uptake, approximately 60 seconds should elapse after tightening the tab before closing the hearing aid battery compartment.


Paradies Hörgeräte-Batterie Typ 312 MP8, 8 St


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