NIVEA Maske Hyaluron Hydra Skin Effect 100 ml


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NIVEA Mask Hyaluron Hydra Skin Effect 100 ml

72h intensive moisture and visibly smoother skin

Extra padded skin from the inside out

Fresh, healthy-looking complexion Fast absorbing in just 20 seconds

The new NIVEA Hydra Skin Effect Hyaluron immediate effect mask with pure hyaluronic acid activates the skin’s own hyaluron production from within.

The valuable ingredient goes through a complex preparation process that converts it into its pure form.

The mask does not have to be washed off and is ideal for preparing for day and night care.

The ultra-light formula also provides intensive 72-hour moisture, so that your skin is extra padded from the inside out.

Usage Notes

Use the instant effect mask to prepare for your day and night care.

Put 4-6 drops of the ultra-light formula on the palm of your hand.

Gently massage into your facial skin.

Without washing up.

For best results, we recommend the complete care routine of the NIVEA Hydra Skin Effect series.

NIVEA Maske Hyaluron Hydra Skin Effect, 100 ml


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