Nø Cosmetics Peeling Cleanser AHA / PHA 125 ml


  • USD: 12.00$


Nø Cosmetics Exfoliating Cleanser AHA / PHA 125 ml 

Product description 

  • Tube tubing with 55% PCR plastic
  • With phytoinulin, panthenol + aloe vera
  • Extremely gentle, slightly foaming chemical peeling for daily use
  • For daily gentle cleansing & skin renewal


A new generation of facial cleansing: The Nø pure today AHA / PHA Cleanser from Nø Cosmetics gently exfoliates the skin with two particularly Well-tolerated fruit acids. The formula does not contain any mechanical particles that can irritate the skin.

Instructions for use

Apply to damp skin in the morning or evening, massage in and rinse off with lukewarm water. When using, remember to use sunscreen with a sun Protection factor of at least 30 every day.

Nø Cosmetics Peeling Cleanser AHA / PHA 125 ml


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