Somat Maschinenreiniger-Tabs 4 St


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Somat machine cleaner tabs 4 pcs 

Product description

  • Powerful formula against grease deposits, limescale, dullness, bad smells and new dirt formation
  • Clean your dishwasher even without an extra rinse cycle
  • Work in the machine, the spray arms, the filter, the water pump and the hoses
  • If you use the machine care cleaner regularly, your dishwasher’s performance will last longer


These machine cleaner tabs are the Somat care that is used without an extra rinse cycle. Its powerful formula not only works against grease deposits, but also against dullness, bad odors and new dirt formation. They also offer extra strong power against limescale deposits in the machine, penetrating spray arms, filters, water pumps and hoses.


5-15%: non-ionic surfactants, <5%: polycarboxylates, other ingredients: fragrances
You can find further EU information about ingredients via this link. Further information

Usage instructions

1. Fill your machine as usual. When using the product, please do not wash silver cutlery. 2. Add dishwashing detergent as usual. 3. Squeeze a tab out of the cardboard card. Remove the plastic packaging! Place the tab in the water-soluble wrapper at the bottom of the filled machine. 4. Start the machine with the desired program. Use the Somat machine cleaner once a month. For even more intensive cleaning, use the Somat Intensive Machine Cleaner every three months. 

Somat Maschinenreiniger-Tabs 4 St


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