altapharma Kinesiologie-Tape


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altapharma kinesiology tape

altapharma kinesiology tape supports the activation, relief, stabilization and pain reduction of injured and tense muscles, ligaments and joints.

It offers the muscles and joints stability without restricting movement.

The altapharma kinesiology tape is stuck to the skin while stretching, depending on the desired function.

This promotes blood circulation and reduces pain.

The skin-friendly acrylic adhesive ensures long-term adhesion to the skin and is water-repellent, meaning that you can also shower or bathe with the tape bandage.

Nevertheless, the tape bandage can be easily removed from the skin and leaves no traces of adhesive.

  • For sports, medicine and therapy
    Optimal elasticity
    Latex free
    for one-time use
    1 piece of 5 m x 5 cm

Application and use

As a rule, the kinesiology tape can be worn for over 1 week.

The durability depends on how much wear and tear the tape is subjected to, for example through showering, friction or movement.

You can find a detailed description of the individual application functions in the package insert.

Storage and Use

Keep cool and dry.

Please keep out of the reach of small children.


96% cotton, 4% spandex (polyurethane fiber), breathable acrylic adhesive.

latex free.


If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, tolerance should be tested on a smaller area of skin.

If skin irritation (e.g. redness or itching) occurs, use should be discontinued.

altapharma Kinesiologie-Tape


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