Mivolis Sterile Kompressen 10 St


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Mivolis sterile compresses 10 pieces

For covering and cleaning superficial wounds
Absorbent and breathable
Individually and sterile packed
Mivolis sterile compresses are suitable for covering and cleaning superficial wounds.
The compresses are absorbent and breathable and are packed individually and sterile.

Storage Instructions

Keep dry, protected from the sun and at a temperature between 5 and 25 degrees.

Usage instructions

Instructions for use/application instructions: For non-professional use.

Function: The compress covers the wound and absorbs wound fluid.

1. Please clean and dry the wound and surrounding skin carefully.

2. Open the sealed packaging at the tabs.

3. Only touch the outer edge of the Mivolis sterile compress and remove it from the packaging.

4. If necessary, place double-folded Mivolis Sterile Dressing on the wound.

Do not touch the side that comes into contact with the wound.

5. Fix the sterile compress, for example with the elastic fixation bandage, the transparent adhesive plaster or a self-adhesive bandage from Mivolis.

6. The compress should be changed at least daily.


50% polyester 50% viscose spunlace

Mivolis Sterile Kompressen, 10 St


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