Mivolis Zink + Histidin + Cystein Depot, Tabletten 40 St., 19 g


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Mivolis Zinc + Histidine + Cysteine Depot Tablets 40 St.:-

With zinc for skin, hair and nails

With zinc to support the immune system

Depot effect with long-term supply 15 mg zinc per tablet

Mivolis Zinc + Histidine + Cysteine Depot supports the immune system with zinc and, due to its time-depot supply, can ensure a supply of zinc like a nutrient store.

Zinc is an important trace element and contributes as a component of numerous enzymes e.g. contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails, to protection against oxidative stress of the cells and to a normal function of the immune system.

It also contains the amino acids histidine and cysteine, which are components of numerous proteins.


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