Kneipp Badesalz Gute Nacht 60 g


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Kneipp Good Night Bath Salt 60 g

Preserves the moisture of the skin with a mild care formula

With natural essential oil from stone pine & amyris and a soothing, woody-warm scent

Vegan (No animal ingredients have been added to this product)

Deep salt from the salt deposits of a 250 million year old primeval sea at a depth of 460 meters in the Saline Luisenhall (obtained from natural brine; protected from environmental influences; special salt structure)

Relaxation in the evening for a good night’s sleep:

Enjoy your evening ritual and prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep with the Kneipp bath crystals Good Night.

The bath with essential oils from stone pine and amyris, the soothing, warm, woody scent and the clear water will calm your thoughts and help you fall asleep so that you can wake up refreshed the next morning.

With natural, nourishing oil, the bath also preserves the skin’s moisture.

Instructions for use

Application: Put the bath crystals in the incoming bath water (36-38°C) and dissolve it completely.

Optimal bathing time: 15-20 minutes.



Kneipp Badesalz Gute Nacht 60 g


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