Tiger Balm Muskel & Gelenk Fluid 90 ml


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Tiger Balm Muscle & Joint Fluid 90 ml

Natural support for an active lifestyle

Tiger Balm Muscle & Joint Fluid is Tiger Balm’s newest product:

Thanks to the practical massage applicator, the traditional formula adapts perfectly to a modern lifestyle.

The blood circulation-enhancing fluid is not only absorbed particularly quickly and does not stick, but can also be applied without washing your hands afterwards.

Perfect for anyone who wants to loosen up and relax strained muscles on the go.

Tiger Balm Muscle & Joint Fluid is based on the centuries-old knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine: as a nourishing rub, the medicinal plants camphor, capsicum and eucalyptus stimulate blood circulation and create a pleasant feeling of warmth on the skin.

The tense muscles are additionally relaxed by massaging in with the practical applicator.

Even the large muscle areas in the calves, thighs and lower back can be reached easily and without outside help.

Loosen up, relax, regenerate – even on the go

Heading to the gym before breakfast, taking the train to the office, meeting friends and then running errands: most of our modern life is “on the go”.

Our tip: Even small breaks can be used to do something good for tense muscles and joints.

With a practical applicator – your hands stay clean.

Relaxes, relaxes and regenerates.

Soaks in quickly and doesn’t stick.

Tiger Balm Muskel & Gelenk Fluid 90 ml


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