Thermacare Wärmeumschläge für Nacken und Schulter


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Thermacare heat packs for neck and shoulder 2 pieces

heat packs for the neck Muscle pain or tension can often be effectively relieved by heat

the ThermaCare neck and shoulder pads generate beneficial deep heat for

at least 12 hours and relieve the pain where it originates.

By improving blood circulation in the muscle, tension can be released more quickly.

The ideal therapeutic temperature of approx. 40 degrees is reached within half an hour,

the heat envelope then constantly releases this temperature – for a pain-free life!

ThermaCare is also suitable for nursing mothers.

Beneficial for muscle tension and muscle pain

Effective pain relief & release of tension through heat pads

Pain-relieving neck & shoulder pads that emit therapeutic deep heat for 12 hours

product details ThermaCare

for neck & shoulder pain Give off deep heat for 12 hours They’re discreet,

stay in place & can be worn under clothing on the go or in the office

Important to know

The envelope must never be heated in the microwave, in the oven or in any other way – risk of fire! Up to the age of 55 you can also wear

ThermaCare at night A doctor should be consulted before using

ThermaCare during pregnancy

If you are diabetic and want to use

ThermaCare, please consult your doctor beforehand

Please do not wet or wash the envelope or pad, this will render the heat cells ineffective – normal body sweat will affect them function not

The ThermaCare principle

The ThermaCare heat development is based on an effective natural principle – heat through oxidation. Thus, the envelopes and pads heat up by themselves when they come into contact with air and are free of any medicinal substances.

In this way, ThermaCare sets a natural example against muscle, menstrual and joint pain and supports you in a pain-free life! Net filling quantity: 2x heat pads from ThermaCare for the neck and shoulder area


Thermacare Wärmeumschläge für Nacken und Schulter



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