dmBio Adventskalender 2023, 24 kleine Leckereien 1 St


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dmBio Advent calendar 2023, 24 small treats 1 piece

Product description

  • Sweeten the pre-Christmas season with 24 delicious surprises
  • Perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth big and small
  • Inner part made of cardboard
  • with a little extra surprise


The dmBio Advent calendar sweetens the pre-Christmas season with 24 delicious surprises. Thanks to the diverse selection of different dmBio items, popular classics as well as new products from chocolaty to nutty can be tried out. With dmBio, the Christmas season starts particularly enjoyable. The inner part of the dmBio Advent calendar is garden compostable. This makes it perfect for growing a variety of seeds. Pssst: there is a little extra surprise hidden in door 24

Information about the sustainability of the product

This product has an environmental or sustainability certification or seal. With this information on sustainability we would like to make it easier for you to consume more (environmentally) consciously. We selected the certifications/seals together with NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e. V.).


You can find further information about the ingredients and nutritional values ​​in the following data sheet: Data sheet about ingredients dmBio Advent calendar Ingredients See ingredients Please note the information on allergens.


Contains spelled and spelled products
Contains eggs and egg derivatives
Contains barley and barley products
Contains cereals containing gluten and cereal products containing gluten
Contains oats and oat products
Contains lactose
Contains milk and milk derivatives
Contains nuts and nut derivatives. (May include almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews etc.)
Contains soybean and soybean derivatives
Contains other gluten-containing grains or hybrid strains thereof
May contain traces of peanuts and peanut derivatives
May contain traces of lupine and lupine derivatives
May contain traces of celery and celery derivatives
May contain traces of mustard and mustard derivatives
May contain traces of sesame seeds and sesame seed products


Contains acidulants
Contains raising agents
Contains thickeners
Contains emulsifier
Contains release agents
Contains acidity regulator
Contains coating agents. 

dmBio Adventskalender 2023, 24 kleine Leckereien 1 St


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