dmBio Früchtetee “Dein Glücksmoment” mit Basilikum Zitrone und süße Brombeerblätter


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dmBio fruit tea “Your moment of happiness” with basil, lemon and sweet blackberry leaves 

Product description

  • Fruity-lemon taste
  • Harmonious fruit and herbal mixture
  • For a warming and positive feeling


The dmBio tea “Your Moment of Happiness” takes you on a journey full of moments of happiness with carefully compiled ingredients. Rounded off by a light note of basil, it spreads a warming and positive feeling with its citrusy scent and taste.

Information about the sustainability of the product

This product has an environmental or sustainability certification or seal. With this information on sustainability we would like to make it easier for you to consume more (environmentally) consciously. We selected the certifications/seals together with NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e. V.).

Mandatory information

ÖKO inspection body: DE-ÖKO-001

Usage instructions

Important note: Always pour the tea over with sparkling water and let it steep for at least 5 minutes. This is the only way to get safe food!


Exact product name:

Organic fruit tea naturally flavored with lemon oil Contains: 57% apple pieces*, 18% hibiscus flowers*, 6% basil*, 6% sweet blackberry leaves*, lemongrass*, licorice root*, 2% lemon myrtle*, chicory root*, 0.5% lemon oil*, 0.5% lemon peel* *from organic farming

Storage instructions

Store in a cool and dry place.

dmBio Früchtetee "Dein Glücksmoment" mit Basilikum Zitrone und süße Brombeerblätter (20 x 2.2g) 44 g


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