Mivolis Schnupfenspray 20 ml


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Mivolis cold spray 20 ml

  • for gentle relief from colds
  • without preservative substances with essential oils for adults and children from 6 years

Mivolis cold spray makes breathing easier and is used to moisten the dry nasal mucosa, to clean the nasal cavity and to support the treatment of colds and hay fever.

The natural essential oils contained support free breathing, ensure a pleasant feeling of freshness immediately after use and well-being is improved.

Without getting used to it.

Mivolis cold spray is free from preservatives and alcohol.

Usage Notes

Application: Remove the cap.

Before using for the first time, hold the bottle upside down and activate the spray system several times.

When an even spray emerges, the product is ready for use.

Hold the bottle as upright as possible when using it.

Dosage Instructions: Use up to 10 times daily, as needed.

Children from 6 years and adults give 1-2 sprays in each nostril.

Inhale gently through your nose (0.14 ml per spray).

If necessary, Mivolis cold spray can be used until the symptoms subside (maximum 30 days without interruption).

For reasons of hygiene and to avoid infections, we recommend that each dosing unit is used by one person only.

After use, it is therefore also advisable to wipe the nose adapter and keep it dry.

Any remaining amount is due to technical reasons and is taken into account in the filling quantity.

Mivolis Schnupfenspray, 20 ml


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