DOPPELHERZ Meerwasser Nasenspray mit Panthenol


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DOPPELHERZ sea water nasal spray with panthenol

Provider: Queisser Pharma GmbH & Co. KG Dosage form: Spray Pack size: 20 ml

For cleaning, moisturizing and caring for dry nasal mucosa
For supportive treatment of colds and hay fever
Isotonic sea salt solution plus care factor panthenol

Doppelherz seawater nasal spray sensitive is used for: Moisturizing the nasal mucosa in dry air and in heated and air-conditioned rooms. Doppelherz sea water nasal spray sensitive prevents the so-called “dry nose”; for cleaning the nasal mucosa in case of increased exposure to pollen and house dust.

The nose can breathe again and cleaning the nose z. B. by blowing your nose is improved; for the supportive treatment of hay fever and colds; to dissolve encrustations and to care for and regenerate the sensitive nasal mucosa with panthenol.

How often and in what quantity should you use Doppelherz Sensitive Sea Water Nasal Spray?
Children from 2 years and adults:

Apply 1-2 sprays (0.14 ml per spray) into each nostril several times a day as needed and breathe in gently through your nose.

If you are treating your nose with other products at the same time, you should use Doppelherz Sensitive Sea Water Nasal Spray one hour beforehand.

DOPPELHERZ Meerwasser Nasenspray mit Panthenol


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